3 Tips For Smoking A Cigar

If you want to enjoy a cigar for the first time, you want to get it right. Smoking a cigar is a different experience than smoking a cigarette; smoking a cigar is an art form that needs to be done correctly.

Choose the Right Cigar

First, you need to choose the right cigar. You want to choose a cigar that feels smooth when you roll it between your fingers. You shouldn't feel any lumps in the cigar as you gently roll it over your fingers, nor should you feel any soft spots. A cigar that is well put together will have a nice, firm feeling as you roll it over your fingers.

Keep in mind that the best cigar in the shop may not be the most expensive cigar in the shop. The pricing of each cigar is based on a number of factors, from quality to where the cigar was made to how it was made. You are going to want try to find the best cigar for you, and remember, it may take you time to find your favorite cigar.

Cut the Cigar Like a Pro

Smoking a cigar is an art. First, you take the cigar, and you cut the end of the cigar. Don't just use a pair of scissors to cut the cigar; instead, use a pair of cigar clippers. Cigar clippers are specially built for the purpose of cutting a cigar. They are a circular cutting tool with very sharp edges on the inside.

Use the cigar clippers to make a quick and smooth cut of the end of the cigar. Making a quick, fast cut will help ensure that the cigar doesn't tear, which will compromise the quality of the smoke.

Light Up with a Torch

When it comes to lighting the cigar, don't use a regular lighter. Instead, use either a torch lighter or use wooden matches. A torch lighter will keep the heat nice and hot and will allow you to light up the entire cigar. Wood matches are really great as well, but you will need to use multiple wood matches to keep the cigar lit.

When you light up the cigar, hold the cigar above the flame. You want the heat from the flame to ignite the cigar; you don't want to put the flame directly on the cigar, as that can change the flavor of the cigar.

When you smoke a cigar, you are entering into a tradition that goes back centuries. Make sure you choose the right cigar, and get the supplies you need, like a cigar clipper, so that you can light up like an experienced professional cigar smoker when you take your first puff. Want to learn more? Try visiting sites like Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Robusto Maduro Cigars and see if you can learn more about what's right for you.