Phillip Fleming

3 Tips For Switching From Cigarettes To E-Cigarettes

You might have been smoking cigarettes for years now, but you might finally be ready for a big change. Now, you might be planning on switching to e-cigarettes. You could be hoping that e-cigarettes will be a healthier and safer alternative, or you might be thinking that you can reduce costs by switching to e-cigarettes. Regardless of why you might be planning on making the switch, you might be looking for a little bit of advice.

3 Tips For Smoking A Cigar

If you want to enjoy a cigar for the first time, you want to get it right. Smoking a cigar is a different experience than smoking a cigarette; smoking a cigar is an art form that needs to be done correctly. Choose the Right Cigar First, you need to choose the right cigar. You want to choose a cigar that feels smooth when you roll it between your fingers. You shouldn't feel any lumps in the cigar as you gently roll it over your fingers, nor should you feel any soft spots.

3 Accessories Every Tobacco-Loving Person Should Have

Whether you are more of a social smoker or you'd consider yourself to be a habitual smoker, it's safe to say that you love tobacco products. To help you enjoy your tobacco products even more than normal, there are three specific accessories that you may want to try.  1. A Chamber Pipe If you prefer to smoke tobacco out of a pipe, then consider getting a chamber pipe. Chamber pipes are great because you can load the tobacco in the main pot, light it, and then suck it through a small chamber like you would with a traditional pipe.

Vaping CBD; The Safest Way To Get Started

CBD (cannabidiol) is starting to become very well known for its medical applications, and while it is not the solution for everyone, some very promising research has begun to appear. CBD is derived from the Hemp plant, and many of the properties it has are beneficial for some people. Vaping the CBD extract seems to be the fastest way for many people to get the benefits of it. Disposable Cartridges